Thursday, October 30, 2008



For my little guy's birthday, I was the nicest Mom ever and let him look at the fish at Walmart, for as looooooong as he wanted. (Well, a really long time anyway.)
Automated out of blog reply...Thank you for stopping by for Photostory Friday. Due to that fact that I am currently having a meltdown, I'm going to be really lame and not visit any of your blogs this week. Thus, you will only make me feel more guilty if you leave me a kind comment. So, feel free to hit and run. But you know that I can't keep myself away - please note that after the post saying I was taking a bloggy break, I have posted every day. However, I have kept firmly (well, pretty firmly) to the no reading/commenting resolution. I'll try to be back to my normal blogging habits next week. Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


by Nie Nie yesterday. I couldn't wait any longer to paint these tiles that I've been holding on to for several months. I'd seen some cute vintage-inspired kitchen designs on Etsy and wanted to do something like this. Yesterday after I saw Nie Nie's silhouette wall, I knew I just couldn't stand to sew more Supercool Capes today (even though I've got 7 or 8 waiting for me to finish them).

Want a closer look? Want to buy them? Go check out Supercool Crafts!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm sorry. I'm completely swamped. I'm taking a week off from posting, reading posts, and commenting. I'll try to get back to my usual lazy ways next week. I'll miss ya'll!


P.S. Just a note on the but-fudg (soooo visual). I found the culprit and asked if she was trying to be naughty or just use up all the letters. She said she was just using all the letters and couldn't remember what she'd written. We laughed until we were crying when I told her it was but-fudg and this morning when the babies were having a bath, we had a huge problem with a little of it!

P.P.S. I think it's going to become my new exclamation-for-all-occasions.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday

This is the sweet note someone left on my fridge.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

7 Random Things Tag

I was tagged for 7 random things by Hollie at Just a Little Something (weeks ago, sorry Hollie) and by Susie at Mommy Just One More Minute! So, without further ado...
1. My 19 year old son keeps getting letters and fliers for different colleges and schools. It makes me totally want to go back to school! If I had a ton of money, I would go to the Scottsdale Cullinary Institute and do all their programs. Then I'd go to the Design Institute in L.A. and study fashion design and maybe graphic design. Then I'd do my PhD. (And of course, being filthy rich, I would never have to work in any of the fields, I'd just know how to do it all! Then maybe I'd teach at the college level. Or else, I'd just sit around designing amazing clothes all day and baking fantastic treats every night, and throw fabulous parties where we would eat the awesome food and wear the gorgeous clothes... Or maybe I'll just become a perpetual student.
2. I post scriptures and inspirational quotes in my bathroom. (Captive audience ya know.)
3. I'm a keeper. Of course, my husband is too. However, I find it pretty easy to toss his crap, while my treasures are so difficult to part with.
4. I never did homework as a kid (elementary school). Except for the projects and reports that I had to do because they were worth half my grade. Those I did the night before. Every day when I walked in the door, my mom would ask me if I had any homework. Every day I lied and said no. Then, before school, I would copy someone's hard work on the playground. I did outgrow it.
5. I'm a big cusser. While I don't often say it - I'm thinking it all the time. My mind is one big sewer-mouthed gutter. (Sometimes I think I ought to try and work on that.)
6. I have 7, yes seven, blogs and 9 email addresses. Long story. All are current and I check them daily, but I don't post daily on all of them : )
7. I collect crystal and glassware. My favorites are Crocheted Crystal by Imperial Glass (circa 1940's) and pitchers. I have 14 pitchers. Fortunately, I have lovely built-in shelves for them. But the pitcher shelf is full, so I doubt I'll be buying more - unless I simply can't resist!
So, I tag anyone who would like to do this, and hasn't done it yet! If you have, come back and give me the link - I'd love to read yours!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanksgiving In Arizona

These monkeys are some of my nephews at our favorite park last Thanksgiving day. Oh yeah! Thanksgiving in Arizona! Shorts and flip flops at the park. It's our family tradition, we take our turkey and mashed potatoes and let the kids go wild. I don't want all you people North of us to feel too bad. I will admit, it was pretty darn chilly that morning at 4 a.m. while my sis and I were waiting for the doors to open at Kmart. Bwahahaha! Yes, I'm bragging. But only because I thought I'd take Onehm up on her photo tag and this was the 4th picture in my 4th folder.
Eat your heart out!

Just to rub it in!

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Heh! Heh! Heh! It really is worth suffering through June, July, and August!

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My little girlie - 52 blessings

This morning I noticed my tiny girl slip away quietly. I worried that she might be off to make some mischief, but when I went to find her she was sitting quietly on a chair in her bedroom, reading a book. I crept away to grab the camera. When I returned to snap her picture, she'd changed occupations and was "putting on her makeup". She has a tiny tin box that she likes to carry around. In the last couple of days we've noticed that it's her compact. She opens it and then daintily uses her finger to put a little "powder" on her cheeks. She is so delightful!

She was making a little music yesterday.

I am so grateful for this little bonus that Heavenly Father graced us with!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 things that make me Happy!

I was tagged by my awesome real-life friend (even though we've never met, we're REAL friends now) Mamarazzi to post 6 things that make me Happy!

1. My Family! I love my family! I have been blessed with the most delightful, sweet, brilliant children in the world, and a husband who does everything in his power to take care of us and show us how much he loves us.

2. Creating Beauty! I revel in the act of creation! (Get your mind out of the gutter! heeheehee) Making beautiful things in any medium gives me so much joy! Plus, then I get to spread the joy to others by sharing my art!

3. Learning new things! keeps me young, makes me giddy, brings me JOY!

4. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy. Keeps me happy. Lifts me when I'm down. Fills me with faith when I feel fear. Blesses me daily.

5. Giving service. There is nothing better than being able to help someone through a kind word, an act of service, or a little labor that blesses my family.

6. My friends! In real-life, in blogland, in my family. LOVE you all!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This little light of mine - Self-Esteem Sunday

I just heard about a new feature over at Pennies in my Pocket, from my awesome friend Mamarazzi! It's called Self-Esteem Sunday, and I'm gonna participate! How fun is it that she is encouraging all of us to write something nice about ourselves? If you've never tried it, it can be painful and difficult. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was write an entire essay about my qualifications to enter the Education Program for my Bachelors Degree. Can you imagine writing an entire essay about how wonderful, brilliant, and well-qualified you are!?! Try it - you'll want to read it over every night!

But for today, the assignment is a bit shorter.

Assignment to you fabulous ladies: So today, turn the TV off from all those
'Hollywood magazine' type shows, put down that magazine that's harping on your
out-of-date clothing and tell me something that has given you a higher
self-esteem. That's right. Brag about yourself or share something that someone
said nice about you or whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Take a
break from pulling yourself down when you look at the mirror first thing in the
morning. (Nobody should look in the mirror first thing in the morning

I think the nicest thing that I've ever heard anyone say about me was about 17 years ago. I was working at a gas station while I finished my associates degree. My manager and another employee were talking about my work and how I dealt with customers when the manager said:

"Supercool Hotmama just SHINES!" *

I've thought back on that comment often.

I think it means so much to me


it wasn't about my looks,

or my work,

or my brains,

or my sense of humor...

it was just about me.

My soul.

My spirit, shining through.

How often does one get a compliment like that!?!

*and of course, she called me Supercool Hotmama, because even back then my blogging destiny was taking shape!

Tiny Supercool Cape

My fabulous new Glittertastic Cup from Crazymama!

and just for Jen! A glimpse of the toddler size Superhero Cape, she wears about a 2T

Double-Sided for Maximum Heroism Potential!

and for the Ladies! Super Girl Rocks it in black with pink polka dots

With Pink Princess Power on the Reverse!
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I'll go find a model and post a picture of it in action!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Running Man

This little guy is a free spirit. He was chasing bubbles with a wild abandon that I reserve only for Day After Thanksgiving shopping.




Black Friday ads are HERE!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Supercool Capes

Still sewing.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday Boutique!!

Yes! I'm actually selling my stuff! If you live in AZ - come on by! If you don't and would like to order something, no problem, email me to order (you pay shipping, somewhere between $3 and $8).

Double sided, appliqued Super Hero Cape $28 with Spiderman/Mr. Incredible or Superman/Batman

Girl styles will be available too - Ballerina/Princess or Purple Rock Star Guitar/Supergirl

and I have one pear pinafore left $28 size 3T, but if I have time, I'm going to make some other styles.

Bags - Different styles and fabrics available from $12 - 20, and who knows what other treasures will be available! Lots of fun cute stuff! Come on By!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reunion Day 3 - At The Wash


Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Peek at Friday's Fun - Arizona Snowball Fight

Reunion 2008

Today was the first day of our three day family reunion. We rotate and each of us are in charge of planning it every other year. This was my year. I've been thinking about what I'd like to do for years...making lists, planning, etc. But of course, when it finally comes, I'm still up until 4 am the night before. Last night I was sewing treat bags and copying a family history coloring book.

My plan has been to focus on my Grandparents, so that our kids can learn some of our family history. My Mom's parents were wonderful people and I've always wanted our children to appreciate them. Plus, they led exciting, history book lives that sound glamorous and eventful to our kids, and yet so far removed from our current reality. Grandpa was a cowboy, rancher, cattle inspector and Sheriff. How cool is that!?! We have great stories about him, like the time he lost a finger roping and finally found it in the manure. He would earn extra money by catching and breaking wild mustangs in the mountains and once as Sheriff he roped a bear that was in a tree.

Grandma was an amazing storyteller and often told us stories about the indians in territorial Arizona, that had been passed on through old ballads. I wanted all the kids to learn a little about the way things used to be. So I specifically asked everyone to leave their toys and technology at home. Grandpa was a marbles champ and Grandma used to play jacks without Jacks or a ball. They would use small stones and you had to pick up a pebble and catch your "ball" without a bounce!

We took some family pictures and ate first, then we moved on to our planned activities. We began with storytelling. Didger told an old fave called "Mary Obeys". It's about a man and his daughter who lived a ways from town. When there was an Indian threat, the townspeople would ring a bell calling the farmers in, so they could be in town for protection. Mary and her Father heard the bell one day and began toward town. But before they could get close, the saw that they were surrounded by Indians. Mary's dad had her hide inside a hollowed out tree that had been hit by lightning. He covered her with leaves and sticks and told her that he would be back for her and not to move. He was captured by the indians and taken prisoner. They hobbled his ankles and made him work for the squaws, carrying water, digging, planting, etc. It was several years before he could escape. When he did, he went home looking for Mary. He didn't find her there, and went to town asking about his daughter. No one had seen her. Not since before the indian attack. In terror, he went to the hollow tree. There, he found her decomposed body. Mary had obeyed and waited faithfully for him to come back for her as he had promised.

Yeah. Can you believe we begged to hear that and more, every time we spent the night at Grandma's?
I told some other favorites like: "Katie Hatch" (a little girl who got lost and died - all they found was some hair caught on a barbed wire fence, and her little shoes with the socks pushed way down in the toe like she always did. They assume she was eaten by wild animals. - True story! The largest search ever in Arizona.)
"And they sang and danced around her..." (This mother hid her children in the cellar when the indians came. They ate her out of house and home, then tied her to a post outside, and they sang and danced around her while she had to watch her house burn with her children still hidden inside.)

and a happy one, "The Piano Box Children" (About Jim and his little sister Mary, who lived during the Great Depression. They had no parents and were homeless. They lived in a piano box. Jim would provide for them by doing odd jobs and carrying groceries for people. One day he found a wallet that a wealthy lady dropped. It was full of money. He returned the wallet to her, with the money still in it. When she found that he and his sister were homeless, she took the two sweet, honest children home to live with her. And they lived happily ever after - because they were honest, hardworking, and kind.)

Then we taught the kids some old fashioned games. We split up into groups and rotated through centers. Each of my kids taught different games: Hopscotch, Jumprope, Marbles, and Jacks. Each child received a Sheriff's badge, a set of marbles, and a set of jacks. (Thank you Oriental Trading!)

More on THT.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this Community Service Announcement

We're on a roll!

We're on a science kick, apparently. This time it was K-man's (12 yo) turn. His teacher told his class that they could get extra credit for doing this little experiment at home. So, fine. I'm game.

The objective was to determine which would rise above the water, vinegar or oil. His guess was surprising to me - vinegar. He thought the oil would sink. Hmmm. We should have probably done this a few years ago. Then we checked to see if his hypothesis was correct. He added food coloring to the water. Then added oil to one bottle, and vinegar to the other.

He was surprised to find that the vinegar mixed in and did not separate itself from the water. He was also surprised to find that the oil rose to the top of the water.

Yep. I guess we don't make Italian Dressing often enough.
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Ok. Here's the part where I'm going to gripe and complain about this. I'm not sure what the teacher said exactly. The kid just said that he could get extra credit for pouring some stuff in a bottle and taking it back. I said, "Where are the directions? What is your objective?" A. Oh, he just said to pour some stuff in and see if it floated or sank and we could get extra credit. (Now, it could very well be that the communication problem is with the kid and not the teacher.) But, what I'm a little ticked about is that when I made him use the scientific process and then write up his results he objected a bit. Then I proofread his two sentences, and made him correct them for spelling and content. Then his writing was crappy, so I made him completely rewrite them. This is where the complaining from him came in: "The teacher didn't say we had to write anything. We just had to do the experiment! We don't have to write anything!"
I went into a tirade that went something like..."Then he isn't a good teacher! A science experiment is not about pouring some crap in a bottle and calling it good. It is not a proper experiment if you don't know what you're supposed to learn, and analyze your results! So if you think that you're getting a freebie and extra credit for pouring some crap in a bottle, you are wrong! I, however, AM a good teacher, and if you want extra credit, at the end of an experiment you will have to think about what you are trying to find out, why, and then process your results! So! Do you want extra credit or NOT!?!"
Um, yeah, that's why I don't home school and at the same time, probably why I should.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shadow Game

This morning as we were driving Princess S. to school, Wolfman was noticing all the really long shadows on the street. I decided to take advantage of the teaching opportunity...
at 8 am he was Wolfman, at 9 am he was Spiderman, at 10 am he was Superman, at 11 he was himself again, and by noon he was Batman - all with massive muscles.
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