Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making a Dangle - Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

To make a dangle, slide a bead or two onto the pin, leaving a short space 1/16" between the bead and your round nosed pliars, wrap the wire around your pliar making a loop

slide the loop of the dangle onto your bracelet in the loop made by the wire (not on the jump ring)
Hold the loop you just made around your pliars with the tip of your pliars and wind the wire two or three times in that tiny gap you left (making a tiny noose), then snip off the end of the wire, smashing any little sticky outy end down close so it doesn't scratch.
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All done!


Mamarazzi said...

oh you are the coolest! i love that you share your knowledge with others giving ALL of us the chance to be just as cool. the problem is that you make it look FAR too easy.

yeah you are awesome like that!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ CUTE!!! I love it!! This looks like something my sister would totally do!!! :)

Jacki said...

Oh I am going to share this with my sister...

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