Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Week 13

Monday - BLT Sandwiches (Family Night at the Park)
Tuesday - Ham & Cheese Quiche
Wednesday - Pot O' Beans (Spaghetti Dinner at YW)
Thursday - Balkan Meatballs (White Sauce, Noodles)
Friday - Date Night (Mac N' Cheese from the box)
Saturday - Chicken Packets
Sunday - Pork Chops and Baked Potatoes

52 blessings - week 13, Apple Fritters

So moist and delicious. Those cracks and crevices filled with appley sweetness and caches of glaze...YUM!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

HolleeAnn tagged me for Social Saturday (started by Lisa over at Club Momma. The question of the day is
"Are you a Procrastinator?"

Definitely. I've spent my entire life writing papers the night before they were due, staying up until 3 am finishing cards, and doing last minute cleaning for events. However, in my defense, I always have the prep work done, so that it is possible to accomplish the task at the last minute. For example, I've done the research, purchased the supplies, and prepared - but yes, I need that adrenaline rush that comes at the last minute in order to finish the job.

So, I tag Lynell, Are You Serious?, Melissa, and Salsa Mama.

Saturday Social Rules:1. Post your answer to the Saturday Social question(s) in your blog. Be sure to put in a link to who tagged you too!2. Come back, sign Mr. Linky and why not leave me a comment too ;)3. Tag your friends... better yet, tag a stranger (what better way to meet someone new!) You can tag 1 or 100, it is up to you. The more you tag, the more you will meet.4. Visit other Saturday Social participants by clicking their names in Mr. Linky!Hopefully when all is said and done you will have met some new bloggers, gained a few new readers and had fun!Happy Socializing!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Screamin' Deal

I was at Walgreen's tonight and they had 75% off their Easter merchandise! I looked until I found something that could be used as gifts for birthdays and other occasions. I found these...

(ty beanies that you can play online at
for $1.50 each!!! Perfect for all my little neices who are into Webkins.

Also, I just have to say HOORAY FOR NOGGIN!Did you realize it's on 24/7.

I never thought I'd need Little Bear at midnight,

But my little guy just got up, "I'm hungy Mama." - Here's a bowl of cereal
and Noggin to watch. Woohoo!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Card Club - March, Love

"If it weren't for the last minute,
I'd never get anything done."
- Bumper Sticker

My Card Club meets tomorrow. That's why I'm up at 3 am making my cards.

I've known exactly what I was going to do for a month. But doing it that far in advance would take all of the fun, and that exciting adrenaline rush, out of the whole experience.

Heart Painting Idea from Painting Greeting Cards in Watercolor by Jacqueline Penney

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What was I thinking...

Sometimes I really have to wonder why I commit to things. Tonight I'm teaching a bow making class for an Enrichment craft group (I was feeling bad that our Ward wasn't doing any crafts so I volunteered).

I agreed to make a wedding cake for a friend's brother. Plus, I'm in the middle of removing wallpaper to redecorate DD's bedroom. I'm the secretary for our Ward Book Group. I have three half-sewn dresses waiting to be finished. Besides the fact that I haven't even begun making my cards for this month's card group exchange in two days.

I always think things sound so fun and challenging. I love to be creative and teach other people. I just tend to get overextended and with the kids home for spring break last week, I didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped. Oh well. I'll get it done and have fun in the process, but like I said, sometimes I should have myself committed for volunteering!

Monday, March 24, 2008

TTA - Working Girl - My Worst Job Ever.

Five Years. Every night for Five Years! Paper girl.

Delivering a bulk newspaper route means that you wake around 1 or 2 am and drive down to the newspaper office. You wait in line with a bunch of other suckers until the papers start rolling out. When it's finally your turn to pick up your load (depending on the night and your route, 20 - 40 bundles of papers) you back your vehicle up to the dock and the dock guys toss you the bundles which you load into your car (over 5 years mine ranged from Chrysler LeBaron Convertible to Datsun Turbo-Z hatchback to GMC Truck).

You then drive out to your appointed route, follow your delivery schedule, and deliver anywhere from 5 to 75 papers into Circle K's/Mini-Marts, Grocery stores, and vending machines. The pay sucks and it's really hard on vehicles, not to mention the lack of sleep. However, it helped make end's meet and then satisfied my ex-husband's requirement ("Sure you can go to school, as long as you keep on working.")

My most exciting paper route night began innocently enough. I picked up my papers, drove out and started delivering. On one remote corner, a vehicle drove up (always makes you a little jumpy at 3 am) and a guy rolled down his window to ask me where the nearest pay phone was. (Remember all this was pre-cel phone.) I gave him a quick answer and hopped in my car, continuing on my way. Soon, I came to the part of my route which turned me around and took me back to the same intersection, opposite corner. There was a little bread store, a small furniture store, a short wall and then another building. The machine was an old one that had a door which lifted up leaving one in an awkward position, with an elbow under the door, arms in the machine, and butt sticking out in the air. While in this position, I looked over to the corner of the building next to the wall and noticed a man standing there. Buck N@ked! Laughing out loud, I calmly let the door drop and slam, walked over to my car, and took off as quickly as possible. I can only assume that it was the same guy who'd asked for directions earlier. My heart was pounding wildly. I went to the nearest pay phone and called my supervisor and the police.

For the next several weeks I carried my pepper spray to every machine. There were some machines that were completely out of view of the car. One was hidden behind a wall, but I could drive forward past the wall, take a look to see if anyone was hiding there, and then back up, park and deliver the papers. One evening, I went through my paranoid routine and saw that the coast was clear. I got out and started to walk toward the machine when a car came tearing into the parking lot! It had been parked in the carwash next door, squealed out as soon as I opened my car door, and tore right up into the parking lot stopping about two feet from my car! I'd heard the initial squeal and went for my car, so by the time he was facing my car, I'd already gotten in, backed in a half-circle and was facing him. Because I was already on guard, I was thinking quickly and got his license plate number, then in mere seconds I took off with him right on my tail. I raced through the parking lot and into my next stop, which fortunately was an RV park with a guard at the gatehouse. I stopped at the guard who had heard the commotion, he came running out and said, "What's going on?" I yelled, "I don't know but this guy's scaring me!" My guard walked back to the stalker's car and hollered in his window. Then the guy realized I had some protection and took off. The guard called the police for me. They said not to worry, the man lived out in the East valley. Which really irritated me, because that's where I LIVED!

That was my scariest experience. He had to be watching me and it had to be planned for him to wait there at the right time. I continued to do that route for a few weeks, and then asked to switch to another route.

At least after 5 years of that kind of fun, nightly, I can safely say that going to Walmart in the middle of the night, doesn't concern me in the least!
BTW, my "real" blog is private, but if I've sparked your interest, email me at lotsostuff at hotmail dot com, and I'll gladly send you an invite.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs

I finally finished my Easter Eggs! I copied these gorgeous eggs from Janna's blogfriend

Amy at

I used different scrapbook papers instead of the pages from books that she used. Soooo Cute!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TTA - What's your Collection?

Antique Readers...LOVE them!

Primer through Shakespeare...

Amazing illustrations, the best poetry and prose for the past hundred years brought together in one place...

Inscriptions by little children who lived long ago, scraped by a pen dipped into an inkpot on a wooden desk...

and who can resist little Sally?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

In the Works...

Skirt to Baby Dress - Refashion in Progress

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sad but True...

Monday, March 3, 2008

TTA - What Not to Wear...In 5 years.

Here are my picks for the trends that will be on What Not to Wear soon. Although I own at least one of each of these examples, my blog time would be over if I tried to get anything out of my own room (can't wake the baby), so I went on an internet scavenger hunt for these pics.
Bold Graphics, Low Rise jeans (I'm praying for that one anyway), ruffles, swing jackets, & wedge heels.
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