Friday, August 29, 2008

The Chef and His Assistant - Photostory Friday

These little people wanted to make their own pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Being the Supercool Mom that I am, I let them. He stirred, poured, and put them on the plates. She supervised.

Please scroll down and view my Auction Item for Nie Nie & Christian (recent burn victims of a plane crash). Your little cook could have a darling apron/pinafore like this one, to keep her clothing clean (but if you're not in the continental U.S., I'd need you to pay for shipping :)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Late but Trying to help

Hey, I just decided to get in on the auction action for Nie Nie. I'm offering one of my dang cute pinafores. Yeah, the Pear one with the cupcake pocket. You know you want one. Check it out and help out a worthy cause.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Apples & Pears Pinafore - Nie Nie Day Auction

Many of you have heard about the plane crash in which Stephanie and Christian Nielson were in involved in earlier this month. Both are in very serious condition and have months and months of hospital stays and surgeries ahead (with costs going into the millions). Gabrielle at Design Mom has declared today "Nie Nie Day" and has coordinated a huge silent auction via the web. She has a list of all the sites participating with links to their site and what they are auctioning off. ALL PROCEEDS from these auctions will go towards their recovery fund. So spread the word to your family and friends. There are a lot of fun items up for sale (I think she said there are 165+ sites participating). Here's Mine! Want your own?

I've been wanting to make an apron for my Tiny Girl. Because, of course, she'll need an apron to wear while she plays with her kitchen. But then I realized what a futile fantasy that was because I'd have to tie it on every time and she could care less if she looks the part while she plays. I was torn between making her a classic bib apron that would be cute or a smock that I could use as a bib and protect her clothes - now that she insists on feeding herself with a fork, no matter what we're eating. However, I had this pattern already and I think it will make a great clothing cover-up. The neck is high enough to protect from most spills and it should be easy enough to slip over her clothes.

I may still have to make a play apron to match her kitchen, but I love how this turned out! Do you LOVE the cupcake pocket!?!

Want one!?! I'm auctioning one just like this in your choice of size 6 month to 4 Toddler for Nie Nie Day. Leave a comment with your bid. You have up until Friday at Midnight. You'll go to Nie Nie's fund to pay, come back with your receipt and I'll send it off to you in a day or two! (I'll email you details on how to pay, so if your email is not on your profile, please leave it in your bid! Thanks!)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gifts - Fabric Bags

I first saw these cute bags over at Melissa's blog - Are you Serious?, they were so cute I had to hunt down the pattern! I've been sitting on these for about 3 months, but I decided that I'd better whip them out so I can move on to some other Christmas gifts. I finished 4 tonight, several more to go.

Keep going and celebrate my blogiversary with me!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Blogiversary - 100 Things About Me

It's been a year and over 500 posts, so in honor of this special occasion, I am going to repost my famous 100 things about me:

100. I love to CREATE!

99. Learning new things EXCITES me!

98. I like Gain, Original Scent.

97. I always wear Shalimar.

96. I'd choose to name all my cats Scruffy, and all my dogs Shauna if I had my way.

95. I have man-hands. (Thanks Dad.)

94. I prefer SLR to Digital.

93. I like all-you-can-eat minutes and texting.

92. I had my ears pierced for the first time by a pharmacist in Mexico, with the pointy end of the earring, when I was 3! And I remember every minute of it!

91. I always wear jewelry.

90. I usually only put on makeup when I'm going somewhere. I keep everything but my lipstick (AZ heat, ya know) in the car.

89. I hate wearing tennis shoes.

88. I wouldn't wear pants to school until 4th grade when Dittos came into style. I didn't wear denim, until 6th grade.

87. I'm 5'11".

86. I prefer silver to gold.

85. I've had 1 miscarriage.

84. I got married when I was 18.

83. I got divorced when I was 24.

82. I got remarried less than a year later.

81. It took me 6 years to get my stinkin' associates degree.

80. It took 18 years from the time I started college to get my Master's Degree.

79. I love kids with Down Syndrome!

78. I have taught 3rd grade, Jr./Sr. High kids with learning disabilities, 1st-3rd kids with Autism, 1st-3rd kids with moderate mental disabilities (MOMD), 4th-6th MOMD, and Art to 1st-8th graders.

77. I did my student teaching with students in 1st-6th grade who had severe multiple-disabilities (wheelchairs, feeding, changing, lots of OT and PT - and LOVED it! LOVED THEM!)

76. I buy tons of school supplies, even when I'm not teaching.

75. I love to browse in the office products aisle.

74. I was a busboy in high school.

73. I had a newspaper delivery route for 5 years while I was going to school (See #81).

72. I enjoy musicals and old black & white romances.

71. I usually listen to classical music in the car.

70. In High School I collected vintage purses.

69. I love old reading textbooks.

68. I speak Spanish. (Although I wouldn't say that I'm fluent.)

67. I took French. It didn't stick.

66. I don't really like dogs. If I touch one, I have an overwhelming desire to wash my hands.

65. I'm not a hugger.

64. I'm a cheek kisser (with people I kiss, other than DH).

63. I was named after my Grandma. (She was a Hot Mama too. 13 kids in AZ before Air Conditioning.)

62. I'm all for epidurals.

61. I have kidney stones.

60. I read all the books by Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Lucy Maud Montgomery at least once every two years. They're my comfort food.

59. I love to cook!

58. I'd love to take college classes every semester, for the rest of my life.

57. Even better, I'd take different art classes.

56. Dear Santa, I want a potter's wheel, a soldering torch, an embroidery machine, a digital camera...

55. I'm passionate about flowers.

54. I can't resist dolls.

53. The next thing I want to do is smocking - check! (I've done it since I originally posted this list!)

52. then stained glass,

51. then glass blowing,

50. and I want to start digi-scrapping.

49. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy.

48. I make a killer Lemon Meringue Pie.

47. I don't like sprinkles.

46. I was a big nail biter.

45. I still miss my blankie. I'm always feeling blankets, when I finally find one that's really soft thermal cotton, I'm going to start sleeping with it again!

44. Some prehistoric water creature (triop) my brother gave me, ate my class Beta.

43. The funniest thing a furious student ever said to me was, "I want to take out your earring and poke you in the eye with it, and you will bleed and you will die, you wicked witch...what a world, what a world (in that wiched witch of the East voice)!!!" He was six, autistic, and cuter than heck!

42. I'm math-tarded.

41. I'll price match, but I don't do coupons.

40. I'm not very sympathetic. I'm empathetic, but don't come whining to me.

39. I can't tolerate insincerity or dishonesty.

38. I love the smell of rain on the desert, roses, rosemary, and creosote.

37. I was always Daddy's girl.

36. I don't like mayo, raw onions, or seafood.

35. My hair won't hold a curl.

34. I prefer creamy over crunchy. 2/3 jelly, 1/3 peanut butter.

33. I took piano for 3 years, and never got out of book 1.

32. Most of the paintings that I (used to) put on my blog header weren't good enough to frame or give away.

31. I like to write, but it's not something I feel compelled to do.

30. I get livid when people use the guest towels, write on the mirror, and stand to pee.

29. I'm a sucker for kittens, but cats are not indoor pets.

28. It must be real vanilla from Mexico and fresh ground black pepper (lots of both).

27. My least favorite job is changing sheets.

26. Can't stand slap-stick comedy.

25. Tons of half-finished projects.

24. Molasses cookies, red, snickers, hot baths!!!

23. Love reading in the bathroom - on the toilet and in the tub - not at the same time, of course (with 6 kids, it's the only place to find something like solitude.)

22. Prefer having long hair, look better in short.

21. I've been blonde, red, black, splashes of burgandy on black, green (mistake), and usually brunette (some gray, but I plan to dye 'til I die.)

20. Size 11, pointy-toed pumps, black or candy-apple red.

19. I usually wear black or red with denim.

18. People who misuse their, they're, and there... drive me crazy!!!

17. I play favorites. Sad but true. (However, I try to hide it.)

16. I laugh really hard at my own jokes.

15. Chocolate cake, pecan pie, cookies with as many kinds of chips and nuts as possible, pink cherry-flavored frosting on sugar cookies and cupcakes.

14. Fascinated by birds, butterflies, and billowy cloud formations.

13. One of my favorite things is when there's bright slanting light just before sunset, combined with a low, cloudy sky giving everything that 3D view-master effect.

12. Analog for looks, digital for telling time.

11. I LOVE my Mom!! She's my very favorite person to hang out with.

10. The best fruity flavors are all red.

9. I've never had a credit card. On payday it's great, the day before it sucks.

8. I can't give a talk without crying but I just keep going - I'm sure it's not a pretty sight.

7. I subscribe to The Mailbox, preschool edition.

6. My first year teaching I spent so much on Scholastic Book Orders that I earned enough points for a t.v.

5. Better Homes and Garden's New Cookbook is my favorite (along with my family cookbook).

4. I buy good sewing scissors every time they're 50% off and hide them in my underwear drawer.

3. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormons) and I have a testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ, I know that God knows and loves each of us and cares about what happens to each of us.

2. I love my husband and children with all my being.

1. I love blogging. I love the fact that I have taken more pictures of my family and journaled more in this past year, than in the past 20. I love the friends I've made and the things I've learned. What a blessing this has been to me. Thanks for being a part of it with me.

Hugs, Janie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiny Girl Goes to Nursery

My baby went to the nursery at church for the first time last Sunday. Strangely, I was not looking forward to this day. The others have all been running and wild for the last 6 months before they could attend the nursery. It was almost painful to try and keep those hoodlums under control for three hours. Chasing them in the halls and feeding them large quantities of Cheerios and mini-marshmallos was the best way to keep the peace. But this little angel is quiet, calm, and more than happy to exchange animal crackers with the other little girls in the "pre-nursery", in other words, an impromptu Sunday School which is essentially a room full of other desperate parents of tiny toddlers.

But I was sorry to let this one, my last, go. Her first step towards independence was hard on Mama. However, my technique is called Drop-and-Run, quick and painless removal (like a bandaid) in order to avoid tears and screaming. I clicked some pics and waved bye-bye. Then hung out in the hall, just in case I was needed. I wasn't needed. **Sniff** Sniff **
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christmas Project - Toddler Kitchen, part 1

Toddler Kitchen Craft, part 1

I absolutely LoVe this cute stove from Warm Biscuit! So when I saw these darling ideas at Family Fun
Kid-Size Kitchen
Kitchen in a Box
I had to get busy and make my little Girly a fun kitchen for Christmas! I just found these storage cubes at a yard sale for $5 for three! (Go find out what's happening to the third box!) The wooden trains are giving their lives to become knobs.

Some parts and accessories that I picked up at a thrift store! (window $2, faucet $3, pots & spoon $1, towel bar $2) Shelves $2.00 each, Baskets 35 cents each (for silverware, etc.)Bowl for the sink $1, Recipe box $1, cutting board $2, Ice Cream Parlor sign $4 (which may not become a part of the kitchen - we'll see.

And some other kitchen tools and accessories (each for 35 cents to a dollar!)
Woohoo! Last night I bought paint and hardware! So stay tuned!!!
And I totally want to win this darling dress! from Grosgrain. Fabulous!

Christmas Crafts - Book Bench, part 1

The other day I found three of these storage cubes for $5, with this one

I'm going to make this from Warm Biscuit!

Check out what I'm going to do with the other two boxes!

Plus, look at these other ideas I found, at Warm Biscuit, to make from one of these storage cubes:

Night Stand

Toy Box

Monday, August 11, 2008

How Happy Am I?

Soooooo Happy!

Make 'em-a-Hot-Breakfast Happy.

Anti-Procrastination-Day Happy.

Sweep-and-Mop Happy.

Fold-All-The-Laundry Happy

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Let-the-Babies-Play-Outside Happy.

Blow-'Em-Kisses Happy

Bake-After-School-Treats Happy.

Plan-Ahead-for-Dinner Happy.

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Hopefully, all of this will translate to them as "Oh, I was so lonely without you." Heeheehee.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photostory Friday - Barbeque in a Monsoon

Thunder and Lightning! Very, very Frightening! Oh, Mama Mia!

Tonight we were taken by surprise when a 10% chance of rain suddenly became a downpour. While DH was BBQing some burgers for dinner. I admit it, this shouldn't be terribly surprising. But we live in a suburb of Phoenix. We don't take the threat of rain very seriously. It was about 8 p.m. and suddenly the street was filled with neighborhood children playing in the rain, in the dark. I'd bet all their parents were dying to go out and play in it too. So far, for this Monsoon season, we are almost up to 3 inches of rainfall. Whoop Woo!

DH was roughin' it while the kids played with the umbrellas.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

52 Blessings - When I grow up I want to be a Mom...

"I want to be a singer, a baker, a teacher, an artist..." - L

"Me too! I want to be all of those and a vet, a doctor, a ..." - S

"I want to be a Mom! Then I can do everything that I want to do. I can be a singer and sing my babies to sleep. I can be a baker when I make them dinner. I can teach them. I can be an artist by making bows for my little girls. When I'm a Mom, I can do everything!" - L

Yeah. My Mom and I were tearing up just listening to them visiting in the back seat. I love it that they already know that they can do everything and anything. I love that they know that being a Mom gives you the opportunity to do it all, and to be everything to at least a few people in the world.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Photostory Friday - Girls Camp Favorites


Last week was Girl's Camp. We've been preparing for a couple of months. Teaching the girls skills like knot tying, lashing (not with mascara), firestarting, outdoor cooking, knife sharpening, building shelters, and first aid. This is the highlight of our year. It was fun, fabulous, loud, and lovely. I'm so glad I got to go. I'm so glad we're done.

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