Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

HolleeAnn tagged me for Social Saturday (started by Lisa over at Club Momma. The question of the day is
"Are you a Procrastinator?"

Definitely. I've spent my entire life writing papers the night before they were due, staying up until 3 am finishing cards, and doing last minute cleaning for events. However, in my defense, I always have the prep work done, so that it is possible to accomplish the task at the last minute. For example, I've done the research, purchased the supplies, and prepared - but yes, I need that adrenaline rush that comes at the last minute in order to finish the job.

So, I tag Lynell, Are You Serious?, Melissa, and Salsa Mama.

Saturday Social Rules:1. Post your answer to the Saturday Social question(s) in your blog. Be sure to put in a link to who tagged you too!2. Come back, sign Mr. Linky and why not leave me a comment too ;)3. Tag your friends... better yet, tag a stranger (what better way to meet someone new!) You can tag 1 or 100, it is up to you. The more you tag, the more you will meet.4. Visit other Saturday Social participants by clicking their names in Mr. Linky!Hopefully when all is said and done you will have met some new bloggers, gained a few new readers and had fun!Happy Socializing!


TheVasquez3 said...

my mom and sister are EXACTLY the same way. i have things done weeks before they need to be but they thrive on that last minute thing. too much stress for me. i like to have the extra time for the last minute details...ya know?

i admire people who can set it all up and be able exacute it like you.

SuperCoolMom said...

Thanks for trying to make it sound like a good thing HolleeAnn ;D

Cecily R said...

Shocker of the century...I procrastinate too. I know, you are so amazed...snort!!

KATE said...

What's that saying?... Um, If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. Something like that. It's my motto!!

KATE said...

Oh my word, I just looked on your post a couple down & you have that saying!!! ha ha ha
Great minds think alike!! hee hee

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