Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Nonsense

It's true. I love comments. But I don't want to be obsessed by them. Yet I am. However I don't want to take the option off altogether - like for every post. So I'm going to TRY to remember and take them off each post. Really, it's me, not you.

I'm peeing blood. Which means my kidney stones are acting up. Always fun.

The Princess stayed home sick today. I haven't seen any evidence of illness yet, but at 6:30 in the morning I was more than ready to buy her story.

We didn't get any mail today. Not even one piece of junk mail. Mike, the mailman, appologized to me for not having anything good for me.

My birthday is on Monday. I like to celebrate for a week at least. I think I'll make myself a cake for dinner tonight and start off a long weekend of celebrating. I may even wrap my birthday presents today!

Last night we crocheted flowers atYoung Women's with the Beehives. It went really well! They all finished their projects and left with a pretty flower (to sew on a purse or glue on a barrette) and the ability to chain and single crochet. Fun! (I took my camera and meant to take pictures, but the whole evening was consumed with helping girls.

It feels like Monday to me.

There is a strange dinosaur show on Discovery Kids called Dinosapien. It reminds me of Land of The Lost. Remember that from Saturday Mornings? (If you are too young, here's Wikipedia's description:

Land of the Lost (19741976) is a children's television series
created and produced by Sid and Marty
. Land of the Lost details the adventures of a family of three (father
Rick Marshall, son Will — around 18 yrs old — and younger daughter Holly-around
12 years old) who are trapped in an alien world inhabited by dinosaurs, chimpanzee-like cavemen
called Pakuni, and aggressive, humanoid/lizard creatures called Sleestak that
have a mix of insectoid and reptilian characteristics. The episode plots focus
on the family's efforts to survive and find a way back to their own world, but
the exploration of the exotic features of the Land of the Lost are also an
ongoing part of the story.

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