Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wonder of Site Meter

If you can believe it, I average about 50 hits a day. A surprising number of them are from google searches. I was checking my stats and found some fun hits from this week:

Someone in Vancouver came by looking for Elvis Bryson and got to see this.

People in New Dehli, South Africa, and Manitoba checked out my smocking tutorial.

A blogger in Plano, Texas is making a fabric bag as a homemade Christmas gift - sorry to ruin the surprise.

Lovers in Florida, London, and Canada are searching for Secret Admirers.

A crafter in Malaysia wanted to learn how to make a beaded bracelet.

Cooks in Dallas, India, Pennsylvania, and Sydney, Australia were looking for tips on fondant and cake ideas.

An artist in Nashville is thinking of doing some glass painting.

Last, but not least, someone in Austin, TX searched for Ralph Chandos - the bane of my existence in kindergarten. (Mentioned here.) I can't tell you how many times that naughty boy made me cry! So Ralph, if that was you in Austin, reading for 15 minutes the other day...I'm sure you've grown up into a nice person and have completely changed your ways. Say hi next time you come by.

Now, if only I could get these people to COMMENT!
What do they think, that I give this info out for free!?! LOL!


Cecily R said...

I got freaky about checking Site Meter for a while. For some reason I got a lot of hits from people looking to make their own moonboots. Your searches are far more know they come for real information!!

As for your Kindergarten nemesis, how I wish you could find out if it WAS him!! Wouldn't that be a kick?

Are You Serious! said...

♥ That's hilarious! I don't check my ever anymore! I should though there are some intersting things out there! :)

Ter said...

*giggle* one of those people was me! :)

Jen said...

LOL! How freaking funny! I've never checked my sitemeter. . . lol wait, then again I'm private ;)

Lorie said...

I am not surprised by the fondant searches!! I used your recipe when I made The Boys cake last year and I tell people about it ALL the time! I love that stuff!

Supercool Hotmama said...

Dying of curiousity! So Ter? Are you an Elvis fan?

devri said...

I can't stand mine, I sit and wonder for like an hour. I am on their to look at the hot mama, that is it.. ok and your amazing crafts..

Kacey R. said...

That is hilarious!

Michelle said...

I took my blog off from Google searches because I had someone looking for a porn chick and somehow my blog was the #1 result. I don't need anybody like that looking at my blog b/c they're not going to find what they're looking for! Those are some pretty funny/random hits you got. What I want to know with site meter is how come I have sooooooo many hits that log in at 0:00? How can someone hit my blog and be gone in less than a second?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it's not more then that. You always have such intereing stuff!

onehm said...

This was so fun to read about!! I'm so glad that you have so many peeps checking out your amazingness! :)

Jaina said...

I need to learn how to use my stats info eventually. I know there is a lot more information there that I just can't see because I don't know where to look.

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