Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's is Coming!

I've been making Valentine's all day! The Toymaker has tons of really cute printables, including a page of darling heart stamps to decorate your envelopes. I printed her Magic Heart Box and a page of hearts for all my YW so that they can use them to do Random Acts of Kindness for their family. As they give service they can leave a heart. I'm hoping that cutting and gluing their Magic Heart Box and cutting their heart cards will take the whole time, but if they need more to do, I'll have them write little messages of love on the back of their hearts.
Then for Wolfman's preschool class, we went to Jan Brett's site and printed some darling Hedgie Candy hearts for him to stick his suckers to and give. Go look! She has the most darling printables, all free!


devri said...

Thank you!!!

Janna said...

I whimped out this year and just bought some and Wal*Fart

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love Jan Berrett site
I have used this stie for years!

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