Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Beautiful New LooK! and some random tidbits

My awesome blogfriend Janna did my beautiful blog makeover! Isn't it gorgeous!?! And it matches the cool graphic that she did for my 2009 motto - Create!
I absolutely love it!
She can give your blog a facelift too, for a very reasonable price! Go check her out!

In the past week I've read 5 books. All by Suzanne Collins! The Gregor the Overlander series and The Hunger Games. They are Young Adult/Teen fiction and a delightful escape. The Gregor series takes place in The Underland beneath New York City, while The Hunger games are a future civilization where an annual drawing pits teen-age competitors in a game to the death. Awesome books!


I guess I'm all out of Random. I've been on facebook at least daily lately. I have been avoiding all tags. It's just all already on my blog. I keep referring people over, but I guess if they're not bloggers they don't feel the need to comment on the blog. They just comment back on facebook. Interesting No?


Cecily R said...

LOVE the new look! It's perfect for you and your 2009 motto!

Facebook is a weird phenomenon...I totally have the energy to give one liner updates but can't do the tags. Must memes be everywhere? E-mail, blogs, now FB??

By the way, I love your status updates!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Looks great!!! I have the same problem with facebook too! :)

devri said...

I love it. Great job!!

I detest facebook..

look at me using a big word.. promise to not let it happen again!

Michelle said...

A friend just updated her GoodReads list about those books and she loved them too. After her recommendation I was going to try them out but now that there's a second witness(!) I'll really have to do it!

Sue and Mark said...

Hot mamma has a new hot look!! luv it.

Jules said...

facebook is the blog nemesis! It's so much more efficient at keeping in touch, but it lacks something.. heart?

Janna said...

I think I am finished....
Let me know if it's ok & you can go and change the font colors. I can email you how to do it if you need.

& I am the same way about facebook too. I did the 25 random things about me then I deleted it. It brought back to many bad feelings of not fitting in. :)

Janeen Romney said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!
Oh, I envied that straight hair!
Love your new look. Julie has offered to make mine look appealing.
I'm just too lazy to follow through, I guess. Hey, didn't your oldest boy get his mission call? I remember when you were in our ward, and he was just in primary!

Bogner's said...

First of all, the blog looks beautimus!
Second, I am so tired of all the internet non connection... I am a memeber of Facebook, Myspace, I had a MSN Place for a time, I had a website through Cableone.net, and I try to update my blog at least once a week. And the one thing that is the most attention hungry is FB... Honestly, who cares 25 random things and info about my first born... Anyway, I can relate!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Janna is awesome. i covet her mad skills.

Mamarazzi said...

the new look is amazingly perfect for you! darling! (nice work janna)

Jaina said...

Love the new layout, it's really awesome :)

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