Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sledding and Riding the Light Rail

Today my brother, B., invited the whole family to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather and do some sledding.

The kids rode cardboard boxes down the hills of dry grass for an hour or two.

Wolfman loved hitching rides on his big brother's back.

Then I took the little ones over to the playground area so they could dig in the sand for a while. When the party at the park broke up, Crazymama and her hubby invited us to go with them for a ride on the new Light Rail Metro through Tempe.

We were so excited to "ride the train". Since they were testing the line this week, everyone gets to ride for free! And I do mean EVERYONE.

It was very crowded, but that just added to our excitement!
We went as far as Mill Avenue in Tempe and got off to take a short walk to the park. The kids played around for a while,
we all used the facilities, (I think they're getting ready for the Fiesta Bowl Crowds)

and then we headed back to the train.

On the way home it was even more crowded (above are some random strangers who looked like everyone felt - The Thrill was GONE) , and we were in a standing room only crowd. So my kids ended up sitting in the aisle.

But it was a really fun day! Thankfully, I was up late last night making dinners for the next week or two. We were able to get home, pick up a loaf of french bread and just heat up a pot of delicious potato soup in 10 minutes! Tonight I think we're all going to bed early.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Looks like fun! Love the sledding. We've actually done cardboard on snow before because we were too poor to buy sleds. we called them our poorman's sled. they worked great for a little while until the snow/water started to tear them apart! :)

Michelle said...

I just read about the new light rail down there and thought of you. Glad you all got to go for free. Being on a crowded train like that reminds me of my mission.

Love the sledding too. We're in UT right now so we're doing some "real" sledding and the boys are loving it.

Jules said...

What a coincidence.. my next post was going to be of the kids box sledding for the first time.

Mamarazzi said...

this looks like it was such a super fun day!!

Jaina said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

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