Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Minute Christmas List - Only 3 days left!

Tonight, after kids are in bed, I'm going to get a lot of the Christmas prep-work done:

Assemble stuff that needs to be assembled.

Buy Santa's wrapping paper (big tip-off).

Unbox Santa gifts and hide boxes in neighbor's trash (also the culprit for ruining at least two former-believer's Christmas mornings.)

Go through stocking stuffers and sort into a gallon ziplocs with everyone's names on them (so that Santa's helper can fill the stockings quickly on Christmas Eve.

What do you do to make Christmas Eve go smoother? Please, share your tips!


Lorie said...

The boxes in the trash can is something I never thought about! We are getting to the age where I need to watch stuff like that!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like you have it all under control! I love the zippy bag idea! Joe has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas so we're "moving" Christmas eve up to Monday night and Tuesday with be CHRISTMAS! :) Now I just need to get everything wrapped! :)

Mamarazzi said...

girl i am getting my tips from YOU!

sounds like you have this all mastered!!

Boy Mom said...

Those are my plans today as well, funny how Mom's with big families think alike.

Hey, how's that missionary? We live very close to the MTC and my Mom is there everyday as a volunteer reading tutor. Let us know if you need anything delivered.

Wow on the crafty kids!

Michelle said...

Here are some ideas...some of them I use and others I don't. I have a friend who wraps up each gift as she buys them so she's only wrapping a couple of items a day. Of course, that requires having all wrapping paper on hand from the very beginning.

My sister stores both wrapped and unwrapped gifts in opaque plastic storage bins (a box would work just as well), kept with their other storage totes in the garage so their kids don't suspect anything. She could have one box/tote per child then there's no sorting to do on that last night.

But you've had some marvelous tips/ideas/suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

KATE said...

Oh my word, you're organized! Usually Christmas Eve is a freaking frenzied mad dash around here. Maybe this year will go better since Scott did get home a couple days early. We'll see, but I have no advice for you, I'm taking yours... Thanks!

KATE said...

Oh heres one, my sister uses it. It's actually just to help keep kids from peeking.
She has 5 kids, and she wraps each kids gifts in different wrapping paper. And on Christmas morning pulls out her cheat sheet and tells each kid what wrapping paper they got, and then they don't have any idea before hand who's is who.

Jaina said...

I've never had to do Christmas Eve prep before, so I'm going to be keeping these ideas in mind for when I do. Thanks!

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