Friday, November 2, 2007

Wendi is my new BestFriend!!!!

Dancin Girl Wendi sent me the best present ever!! She found that a bunch of my blog posts were on her google reader, she just chose "show all" and there they were, all they way back to Texas Sheet Cake!!! What a lifesaver! You can't believe how important all of that silly stuff suddenly became when I thought it was completely lost in cyberspace! I printed them all and have about 50 pages of valuable literature. Well, valuable to me and maybe to my kids someday. Thanks so much Wendi! If any of the rest of you have time to check, I'd appreciate any posts you might find the same way! I don't have the technical skills to find much, but I'm sure glad it's not gone for good!

Here's a great thing that I just saw on Kylie's blog, for any of you who are starting to think your own posts might just be at risk someday. It's a company that will slurp your blurbs and make them into a BOOK! So cool! What a great Christmas present! Check it out here.


Emmanuelle said...

I can try to watch for your posts but I have not understand how I must do....What do you mean by "google readers"?

Cecily R said...

I wish I was as cool and smart as Wendi! I'm so glad she retrieved some of your posts!

Hey, uh, thanks for commenting about my comments and nudging me to post again. It's only been since Wednesday night, geez! I did throw one up there, just for you.

Michelle said...

I never even knew you could do that. Way to go Wendi, you savy girl!

Thanks for the idea for turning your blog into a book.

michelle said...

I am so happy that you got some of your posts back. I will check for you too. I need to find google reader though. I will go on a search here in a while. Happy Saturday! :)

Haddorkus said...

Hooray for the hero. That is so awesome. I can't even imagine how good that must have felt to get those back. I wish I wasn't so inept, all this is so over my head. I am just glad you have some capable friends.

Dancin Queen said...

When I first started my blog, I was about 2 weeks into it and accidentally deleted my whole blog. My sister retrieved my stuff from her google reader, so that's how I knew to try that.

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