Friday, November 2, 2007


Please don't feel bad if I didn't leave you a comment with a personal invite. Remember, I don't have my list of blogfriends, so I was going through other people's blogs and clicking around through their links and comments to try and find everyone. Also, please let me know if you're a silent lurker and want an invite! (I'll just need a resume and 3 letters of reference, plus a plate of cookies or a king size Snickers).

Hah, I just looked over and generous Buzz has given Bitty Baby his peanut butter & honey sandwich (breakfast). Could there be anything worse to give an 8 month old? She was all over it too! It was only partially over her. A quick clean-up and no signs of allergies, so we'll just pretend it's 1950 and we haven't been warned about the dangers of honey and peanuts for babies.


Dancin Queen said...

Hey darling hotmama! Still clever as always, even in the midst of the drama.

Did you get my emails?

hotmamabeads said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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