Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My wonderful Aunt Jane brought us dinner tonight - Tortilla Soup, Chips, Cheese, and an Amazing pudding Smores dessert! It was great because I was so relieved not to have to cook before my first night at YW. Everyone loved the soup - even my picky boys! I'll have to get the recipe and post it. Aunt Jane is the queen of delicious, easy prep recipes.

It was so fun getting to know the girls tonight and visiting with the ladies I'll be working with for the next year or two. I am so thrilled to be in with the Young Women.

Last night we had a really great enrichment meeting. We had displays, taste testing, and reminders about getting a 3 month supply of food, water, & the necessities in our storage. A lady came and told us about her plan - she has made up recipes for two meals a day (breakfast and 1 big meal, plus an evening snack). She did 7 different breakfasts, and 21 dinners. Wrote out the recipes (all stuff that she can store in the pantry - so nothing in the fridge or freezer). Then multiplied by # of people in the house and enough for 3 months. She then went out and purchased supplies to cover those meals. She actually cooks those recipes and rotates her stuff. Hmmm, I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to go without my freezer yet, but I do love her idea about making up menus for things that you have on hand in the pantry and food storage. I'm going to begin working on it, then buying things as I see them on sale. She said that in the next 6 months prices on wheat, flour, pasta, and rice will double. Just as milk has in the past few months. Get it now!


kay said...

could you share some of the info that she gave you? or are you not allowed? i would be very intersted.

and i too have an aunt jane. they are they best!

kay said...

oh how is bitty baby? hope she is feeling better

michelle said...

YUM! The soup sounds so good! I want an aunt Jane! :) What is your new calling in YW? I am in Beehives, and love it! Those girls tech me more than I will ever be able to teach them.

I was also wondering do you have a new e-mail?

Dancin Queen said...

I think it's important too. I've been trying to get my cold storage room in the basement filled up too.

I think it's awesome that you have such wonderful kids, you have such a cute new haircut, and you've lost so much weight. I bet everyone is so jealous of you! You're such a hotmama!

donna said...

Sounds like you had a great enrichment .
We are working on our year food/ water supply.

YUMMY soup.

hotmamabeads said...

hey Kay - Go to and click on provident living, there's tons of info there, plus I'll email you some stuff

and bitty baby is still snotty nosed, but feeling better

Michelle - I'm 2nd counselor over Beehives (1 right now, more coming in the next couple of months)

Dancin queen - You are so Awesome, thanks so much!!!

Donna - I think that the church is really being prepared a huge priority right now, it kind of makes you wonder what's coming doesn't it? I love enrichment - another girl's night out for me!

hotmamabeads said...

...making being prepared...

Jen38 said...

Love you blog design, it is beautiful. Where does it come from?

Please share your Auntie's recipes! Tortilla Soup is so good.

Jayne said...

I would love a copy to of her stuff . do you mind emailing me the info too?

Andrea said...

what a nice aunt. that dinner sounds yummy!

we've been working on building up our year supply & using it to rotate it. after all, my hubby built us a food storage room for that purpose.

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