Monday, November 5, 2007

Holding my Babies

Bitty Baby is still sick. I kind of like it though. She's getting to the age where she wants to be down exploring all the time, but when they're sick, they'll let you hold them and fall asleep in your arms.

Buzz has finally become a pro at getting out of his crib. Last night he got out every 2 minutes and showed up at my elbow, grinning and giggling, thinking that he is sooooo cool! Finally, around Eleven, after threatening it many times, I had to close the door! (It kind of sticks, so he can't get out on his own.) He must have cried for a while and then climbed in bed with big sis. No problem, until he fell out of bed around 12:30. I felt bad for him and held him for a cuddle session, until we were both falling asleep on the couch. Finally, he stayed in his crib for the night. I'm sure not looking forward to putting him in his own room, with his big kid bed. But sooner or later he's going to have to graduate, so Bitty Baby can move into the crib.

So, tell me your tricks for getting a toddler to stay in his own bed. When do you usually move kids into a "big bed"?


smithfam said...

I have found that consistancy is the key. It is so hard to follow through on but it really works! When my kids would get out of bed, I would march them back in again until they finally give up. Sucks, but in no time they give up. I keep my kids in their cribs as long as possible. I have Lawson in my room in a Pack N Play and Hayden in a crib in his own room. Hayden is 3 1/2!! Crazy, but it works for us. Lawson doenst bother us yet so why change a system that works right?? Soon I will be ready to get my room back, but as for now, no hurry. That is so sad that he fell out of his crib. Poor baby. Have you tried one of those net thingys that go over the crib? I know a couple of friends that use it and it keeps the little boogars in their beds. Ok. Sorry to rattle on. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Oh I hate when they are ready to move up. I usually wait as long as I can. So long as they aren't climbing out I leave them in. I just figure once they can get out themselves what's the point. The battle is lost.

We didn't have a problem with kids staying in bed till our 2nd. We ended up have to turn the door knob around so the lock was on our side and locking it. Otherwise he would roam around the house and get into things. My youngest just turned 2 and I'm hoping to keep him in the crib till 3. Fingers crossed.

Janna said...

All of my kids climbed out of the crib around 18 months. It drove me crazy~

But the last 3 I was smart and turned the privacy lock on the bedroom door around. (So, it would lock in the hall and they would stay in there bed) The twins made me do it.... I only kept the door locked tell I knew they were asleep too.

I hope it works out and you can still get some sleep!

michelle said...

I kept my little ones in my room for aas long as possible. My kids started climbing out of the crib right around a year, and a half. I remeber the joys of that! I am so sorry that your cute little guy fell out of the crib! Boys! I hope you get some much deserved rest, my friend.

oda41143 Missy said...

I have no trick for keeping a toddler in his bed, but when Cooper was little, i had an extra crib matress at the side of his crib so that he wouldn't hurt himself when he flipped out. He would only flip out in the morning. I'd say get him a big boy bed.

donna said...

So sorry! That is so hard when the little one wants to climb out of bed. MY kids were great sleepers. i would put them bed and they stayed till morning,.

Haddorkus said...

We locked them in their rooms by any means nessecary. Child-proof doorknobs modified so the squeezy things were gone and you actually had to put you're fingers in the holes to open the door. When those didn't work we put a sock over the door and rammed the door shut. Little kids don't have the strength to push through the sock. Once they were asleep we would open the door and put them in bed. Sometimes we had to push their sleeping bodies away from the door. It never lasted long though. They got the picture eventually and the locking and the sleeping at the door ended. With our youngest we didn't have to do that at all since he shared a room with his older brother he just followed his example, it was great. But I never had a crib climber, our kids were kicked out of their cribs too soon to make room for the new baby since there was another one always coming or we never unpacked it from a move another thing we are always doing, except the last one, he just wanted to be like brother. I think I just went on forever.

One last thing, I don't have your email. If you want to put it on my blog that would be cool cause I want in the club.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

We are struggling with the BIG BOY BED issue right now.
#3 is ready to climb out any day but is my little hellian so the thought of having him "loose" in a room alone while I sleep is horrifying.

My first was in a bed when I came home from the hospital with my 2nd. He was 15 mos old.

My second went to the big girl bed before 18 mos b/c my s-i-l needed our crib....

I am at a loss for #3!

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