Thursday, July 9, 2009

No system here.

Me: "Hey Arthur, please fold those dishtowels."

A: Folding for a while, then "Oops, I was folding them like Sis. So&So does it."

Me: "Well, people who have systems get upset if you don't use their system. Since I don't have a system, I don't care how you fold them, as long as they get folded."

A: "Then I'm going to use her system."

Me: "fine."

A: Folding for a while more. "I think I'll make up my own system."

Me: "fine." but thinking, "Just fold the flippin' towels!"

So, do YOU have a specific way you fold towels?

Confession: Sometimes, in the interest of time, I just toss all the dishtowels in the drawer, because really, who cares!?!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Funny enough I do, But when hubby folds that all goes out the window. Mine are folded according to the size of the drawer they are going in. When we move it will probably change again.

Kristina P. said...

Not really. I'm pretty easy. In a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bonnie, I fold them to fit the space. Although I have a very specific way I fold clothes. When my mom came to help me when my last baby was born she folded them all wrong! Drove me crazy. You would think I would fold like my mom, but I don't

Natalie said...

Towels have to be folded a certain way. I fold in half, half again, then thirds. My clothes have to be hung a certain way in the closet. Socks & panties? They're just thrown in.

Bogner's said...

I fold mine half then half... only because they kind fit that way in the drawer! Bath towels: half, in 3rds or half and half... depending if it goes on my bathroom shelf or the guest bathroom... all in the interest of saving space, now because I like one way over the other...

Word Verification: acklin (should I be trying to find these in the dictionary?!)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I used to fold them in thirds, now I fold them in half then half again and then one more time to have a nice little square. although I wonder why I even bother because by the time the kids get them to the drawer most are unfolded and just get squished into the drawer until the all fit anyway! :)

Michelle said...

Oh there's definitely a system for folding towels around here-beach towels done one way, bath towels done another way and the kitchen towels done still a different way. Stephen can't ever keep them all straight and has now given up on folding anything around here, except his own clothes.

Cyn City said...

Not for dish towels or any other towels for that matter. But I absolutely have a system for folding jeans. Future hubby gets huffy when I go back over his work LOL. But there is nothing worse then wrinkled jeans.

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