Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Muffins

I'm up late baking pumpkin muffins for breakfast. I am realistic enough to know that there is no WAY that I can possibly wake up before all these kids and make a batch of muffins from scratch in time to feed the starving hoard. But cold muffins and canned fruit salad will still be a delicious and kid satisfying breakfast.

I also sorted a batch of beans and put them on to soak. That, and a few loaves of Rhodes Bread, will be a great dinner when I get home late from my class. And just in case you're wondering the rest of the week's menu: corn dog muffins with chili, spaghetti & meat sauce, and creamy ranch chicken over fetuccini.

I'm feeling very on-top-of-things. I even put outfits for the littles in their weekly clothes thingy! (There is a spot for every day of the week. Everyone had one when I was teaching before, then I gave all but one to my little sis when she went to work. But obviously I'm feeling the need to get organized again, since I'm going back to teaching.)

Also, I have to mention a couple of miracles that have happened to us recently - huge tender mercies from the Lord, and people who are paying attention to promptings:

Our washer broke. During the spin cycle it started wheezing, whining, and smelling like burned rubber. Then it died. I asked my hubby to look on Craig's List and he found a 3 year old washer, that had been listed just 3 minutes before, for FREE! It just needed a little duct tape to fix the switch and we were back in business!

About the same time that happened, the starter on my vehicle crapped out. It's been dying a slow death. However, my sister (the one I'm babysitting for) found out and asked her hubby to take a look at it. He came to my rescue and put a new starter in it the very night she asked him, even though they were both preparing to leave for camp. I love having family we can count on!


Holly said...

You always have the best stories - I had a washer in CA you could have had for free - the people renting my house put it in the garage as they had their own!!

You are so lucky to have a handy BIL - car repairs are never any fun! And the clothes organization - missy it's summer! You are too good!

Jaina said...

You are SO on top of it. I like the daily clothes thing there..what a great idea! I'm totally going to steal that someday. (you know, maybe next week for me, lol) Those are definite blessings for sure, what wonderful family you have!

Janna said...

blessed you are!!!
I need those clothes thingy for myself....

michelle said...

Blessings come at times of need. Good job on the new washer!!! Got to love Craigslist!!! :)

Bonnie the Boss said...

You are amazing, and since you are you deserve the amazing blessings you have recieved this week! It sounds like you have great family.

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