Monday, May 4, 2009

Mission Rap - Ukraine Style

(In B's latest letter he sent a rap that he and his companion made up. I thought it was pretty interesting to read some of the Russian Words. Heeheehee!)

!Missionary Culture Lesson! elder McArthur and i made a Rap. its about missionary life, it is not purely our genius, but we use the tune of lazy sunday, the SNL skit. i will also give a vocabulary key at the end so you can understand the russian in it. let us begin.

M:is where Mcarthur sings S: is me B:is both, you get the idea

M:Dun!..dun dundun... Dun!..dun dundun Whackawhacka chuckachucka
S:Lazy Friday! wake up eat ya Gretchka with a spoon!
S:call the Z.L.s just ta see whats going!
M: allyo?
S:what up man!?
M:you thinkin what i'm thinkin?!
B: Barabashova!
S:then its happenin'
S:But First! my hunger pains are stickin like bleencheeck!
M:lets hit up a prodoockti and mack on some Konteek.
S:No Doubt, that magazines got all the bomb frostings
M man i love those things like the bobs love semechkee.
M: wheres the reenick hangin?
S: on the east side dude!
M:we'll call up elder hunt to find the dopest route.
S: i prefer sporteevna.
M: thats a good one too.
S: radyanskaya is the best!
M: true that!
B:double true!
S: pull up to the reenick, the ties are overpriced!
M: got my rucksack gunna pack it up nice.
S:dont want the debushkee to get suspicious!
M:super snickers and dzjeevcheek = Crazy delicious!
S: walk up to the woman and pull out some dough!
M:girls acting like shes never seen a stow befo'
B:its all about shevchenkos baby!
S:put the ties in the bag and we're out like crazy.

vocab: gretchka: wheat kearnals, we boil them like oatmeal
barabashova: the largest market in ukraine.
bleencheeck: crepes
prodoockti:grocery store
konteek: cookies
Magazine: store
Semechki: sunflower seeds
reenick: market
Sporteevna: metro stop
Radyanskaya:metro stop
oborezjno, dveri zackoochayatsya: attention, the doors are closing. stated on the subway at every metro stop
rucksack: backpack
debushkee: girls
dzjeevcheek: an apple flavored sprite.
stow: 100
shevchenko: guy on the 100 grevin bill

hooray for rapping. that was entertaining. but on with life.


bob marley & lucy liu said...

LOL! I love it! Отлицчно! It sounds like he's enjoying the culture. I bet he's seeing lots of gorgeous girls wearing boots (that's half the population). Are you guys planning to go over while he's there?

Haynie Family said...

I love it when missionaries have time for crazy (but wholesome) stuff! He'll remember that rap forever and I can't wait for his homecoming so he can rap it for us :)

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