Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother & Daughter Night


Tonight I went with Sade to Mother & Daughter night for her Achievement Day Activity. The theme was
The 70's
and we all dressed up. Sade wore a couple of vintage items straight out of my Aunt's costume box. We filled out questionaires but most of the Mom's were born in the 70's and had limited memories of that decade. Then we had a picnic and made Mother's Day Cookie Bouquets. Super fun activity. (One of the best parts was Becca's fruit salad with slices of Snickers, covered in Whipped Cream! Now that's my kind of fruit salad!)



Mamarazzi said...

SO. Much. Fun!!

i am jealous. i want a mother daughter activity, our ward is sooo lame.

oh wait maybe i will try that whole embracing thing!?!? lol

latree said...

we can do mother daughter activities at home right?
those 'flowers' are cute!

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