Friday, May 2, 2008

Foto Friday


Sewing today. Aqua bow tie and cumberbund for Prom tomorrow night. Glad that he thinks I'm capable of anything, but sheesh! could I get a little notice next time!?!


Janna said...

I was sewing today too.

2 flannel receiving blankets & 4 matching burp rags.

Janna said...

totally off the topic, do you know Dena Cooper?

Mamarazzi said...

love this pic!

i got your email...i am on it. i have a few thoughts. i wanted to get a little reader off the list and NOW i am going to email you back!

i love that you are making the bow tie and cumberbund...sooooo cool!!

even with short notice...just proves that he thinks you are the most amazing woman in his life!

KATE said...

How fun! We HAVE to see prom pics!!! Can't wait!!

latree said...

love the picture!

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