Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm sorry, I have no thoughts. Since I've been going to school, teaching, and everything else my thoughts are spread so thin...I was going to say it's as thin as margarine on toast, but it's more like splatters of Pam on a pan - not even covering an entire surface. I spend half my time making lists, the other half I spend, standing around trying to remember what I was going to do and why I'm: looking in the fridge, standing in the kitchen, on the computer, looking in my purse, etc.

Today at church, someone asked me how I'm handling everything. I have just given up everything optional. I've missed the last couple of Bunco nights and GNO's. My house is just passable. I don't watch t.v., use the computer, read for pleasure, or do any crafts. I barely see the family. Monday through Thursday, I wake at 5:30, get people ready, drop off the babies, go to school/work, pick up the babies, drop them off, go to class, tuck in the babies, go to bed, and wake up to do it all again. Wednesdays, I have young women's instead of class. Fridays, I'm so exhausted we just have family time instead of going on dates. On the weekends, I do marathon loads of laundry, make sure people have 5 days worth of outfits set aside, make menus, go shopping, cook meals for a week or two, do homework, and try to spend some time holding the little ones.

The classes I'm taking are actually really worthwhile and I enjoy them, but it would have been nice to spread them out. I'm doing the National Board Teacher Certification Pre-Candidacy class which is very (hhhmmmmm, can't think of the word...I've strained for 5 minutes and still can't think of the word I want...yeah, see what I mean?) The other class I'm loving is "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Sadly, my favorite part is that there's no homework. However, it's great information and goes so well with our Book Group choice, "Bonds that Make us Free". (Which I haven't had time to read except 5 minutes at a time).

Validating. That's the word I couldn't come up with. The whole object of the National Board certification process is to verbalize why what I know about kids determines my actions in the classroom and how that benefits students, and then to show evidence of how that helps my students. Very worthwhile. However, not something I'm going to attempt when I can't string 10 words together in a coherent thought. Maybe next year.


Bogner's said...

It sounds like you are SUPER busy. I think you do need a wonder woman costume now! My husband is wanting me to take a quickbooks class at the local community college, and just the one course, without a 9 to 5 job, and only ONE child seems dreadful! I am very proud of what you are accomplishing, and I am sure once the classes are finished, your life will be a bit slower and you will be able to use the knowledge you are receiving now! Good luck!

onehm said...

Beautifully written.
I miss you.

Glad that things you are doing right now are worthwhile...
You are wonder woman!

Michelle said...

I love your splatter analogy. Thanks for sharing it when you feel like you've got nothing else to share. I can't believe all you've got on your plate. You seem to be doing great, even when things like your house are "passable." I'm not nearly as busy and that's how my house usually is! I hope you somehow find a 26 hr day so that you can do a few things that you love to do and make you happy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Super Mama, I have been going through my followers to highlight them during my birthday month and I found you on my list. I don't remember ever getting a comment from you or visiting you. So today is the first time for me to visit. I cannot sign up as a follower as I have a Google glitch. Come over to my neck of the woods for a visit again.

Jaina said...

I feel exhausted just reading that! It sounds like you're hanging in there though. I hope you get some time to relax soon.

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