Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 days to Christmas!!

Laura at Organizing Junkie referred me to a new site, 100 days to Christmas! Since I've been planning for Christmas since the first day of School, I'm all over this one! The challenge today is to gather the bones for your Christmas Planner. Thank goodness I made a Flylady, Christmas Control Journal a couple of years ago. For the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas it does not leave my hand.

My Christmas Control Journal has master list of everyone I need to give to: kids, family, teachers, scout leaders, home teachers, visiting teachers, visiting teaching sisters, neighbors, etc. Then, each year, I make a graph with each child and what they are giving to the others. Since they're making their gifts for each other this year, we started a month ago. Santa keeps his lists in there too. Thus, the need to keep it under close surveillance.

I also make notes in it throughout the year of cute gift ideas that I run across. It's where I keep the kid's letters to Santa, so that I can remember their requests as I shop. Black Friday ads go in it, along with my shopping plan, and I like to keep my receipts in a page protector too, to make returns and accounting easy!

Most importantly, I have kept the lists from the last couple of years in there. That way I remember what I gave to whom, who mailed me Christmas cards, and what kind of treats I made. I even keep my holiday menus and recipes in there! I couldn't survive the holidays without my Christmas Control Journal. (Well, I guess I could. But, I wouldn't want to!)

Haven't got one yet? Get one!


Mamarazzi said...

oh wow...thats a great idea. i am going to get one started right away!

TanFam said...

LOVE IT! That's on my TO DO list!

Jaina said...

Oh fun, I love it!

Jen said...

That is so cool!!! Now, to make one for myself, but I'll probably forget because I don't have a journal to write it down to remind myself. LOL!

Alright that was dumb. ;)

michelle said...

Thank you for the wonderful idea! This is what I am going to do today. When we talked about Christmas yesterday, I started feeling a little panicky! This will help keep that under control! :)

listplanit said...

I can't wait to read about your Christmas planning success! Thanks for participating in 100 Days to Christmas!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Oh I didn't need to be reminded of that!!!! Thanks for the new ulcer.

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