Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TTA - Mission Organization

My successful resolution from last year!

Last January I decided to get organized. I really needed a phone book, somewhere that I could keep all my phone lists - ward list, block watch list, school numbers, family lists, Stake directory (that my husband likes to borrow and not return), etc. So I made myself a "Control Journal", a la Flylady. Then I did her FACE (financial control journal) - but I don't really use it for finances, I also made up a Menu/Recipe/Shopping list notebook, a Christmas Control Journal, and lastly My Favorite...Mom's Really Important Documents notebook.

Oooh, my favorite part of my phone book are some pages my cousin made for my Mom.

One list contains important LDS numbers like: Our Home Teachers/Visiting Teachers & Arizona Mesa Mission, Arizona Tempe Mission, LDS Employment Center, Beehive Clothing, Bishop Storehouse, Cannery, Family History Center, Arizona Temple, Arizona Temple Visitors Center, Deseret Industries, Homecraft, Distribution Center.

Another section has emergency numbers: 911, Home Address, Home Phone, Poison Control, Police - Non-Emergency, Mom's Numbers, Dad's Numbers, Emergency Contacts, etc.

on the back are other emergency numbers: Doctor, Spiritual Emergencies - Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers, Bishop, RS President, Stake President, Automobile Emergencies - AAA, Tire Repair, Tow Truck, Mechanic, Home Emergencies - Insurance Company, Plumber, Pest Control.

There are also Hospital Numbers: Every local hospital or medical center in the valley, on the back is a list for writing Family Medical Conditions: Names, Birthdates, and other infor for each person (remember allergies, medical history, medications, etc.)

I also have a page protector that's for collecting cards (like baseball cards) and I keep business cards in it - hairdresser, restaurants, dog groomer, plumber, etc.

Plus, I made a list of my kids 5 schools, phone numbers, teachers, classrooms, school hours, etc. I have used it over and over I love, love, love them.

If there's a fire these are the first things out (after the kids, of course). I refer to at least one or two each day. The kids/hubby are always using my phone lists too, but amazingly I haven't lost my Ward list, Stake Directory, or Family List at all this year. Have I mentioned that Flylady is one brilliant woman? Particularly if you're like me and weren't BO (born organized).

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Marcie said...

I am totally making this exact book...what a great idea. SImple and yet it never occured to me. Thank you for sharing!

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